W403 VMR is a modified hot work alloy with an excellent combination of hot tensile properties and toughness. The balanced properties of this grade are not only due to chemistry modification, but to optimized production techniques including the use of Vacuum Arc Remelting, and improved diffusion annealing and structurally treatments. These changes have led to a high degree of cleanliness, of uniformity of cleanliness, toughness and dimensional stability.  This steel meets the Grade C level of the NADCA #207 specification. 

Use this grade where an improved version of W303 is required. Applications include highly stressed hot work tools, such as mandrels, dies and containers for metal tube and rod extrusion; hot extrusion tools; tools for the manufacture of hollows: tools for the manufacture of screws, nuts, rivets and bolts; forging dies and punches; die casting dies; forming dies; or hot shear blades.

Article: Put a Check on Heat Checking with an Enhanced Die Steel

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W403 VMR Heat Treatment (Rev. January 18, 2017)

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W403 VMR Data Sheet (Rev. 09.2007)

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