W360 Isobloc is a high molybdenum, chromium vanadium hot work tool steel for use in cold work, hot work, plastics, and HPS applications where the highest toughness in the 52-57 HRC range is required. The fact that this grade can obtain this hardness by tempering at temperatures in excess of 900 degrees F, makes this grade suitable for applications requiring coatings like PVD and nitriding. It can be used to replace H13 where higher hot hardness is required, as well as grades like S7 where low tempering temperatures limit the use of the steel. With excellent toughness uniformity due to the use of remelting technology, it will also give consistent results in heat treatment and production.

Useful in the 52-57 HRC range
Excellent temper resistance
Excellent hot wear resistance
Exceptional toughness in this hardness range
Excellent uniformity of properties

Hot and warm forging dies
Core pins and Inserts for die casting dies where erosion is an issue
Toughness critical cold work applications
Extrusion dies
Plastic injection molds where lower cycle time is a requirement or higher wear resistance is required due to the use of abrasive plastics
Slides and lifters in injection molds
Tooling for high speed presses

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W360 ISOBLOC® Data Sheet (Rev. 05.2013)

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W360 ISOBLOC® Heat Treatment (Rev. January 18, 2017)

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