Uddeholm Formvar®

Uddeholm Formvar is a new high performance hot work tool steel for hot forging and aluminum extrusion tooling. Uddeholm Formvar is characterized by good temper resistance, good high-temperature strength, excellent hardenability and good dimensional stability throughout heat treatment and coating operations. 

In forging applications, Uddeholm Formvar is recommended for inserts and dies where better temper resistance and toughness is required over a conventional H13.

In extrusion, it is the grade of choice for extruding high temperature 7000-series aluminum alloys. It offers a very high resistance to cracking, hot wear and plastic deformation.

This grade complements another new alloy for aluminum extrusion, Villares VEX®, which has characteristics over H13 for extruding 6000-series of aluminum alloys. Villares VEX is optimized to provide better temper resistance and excellent nitriding response including increased surface hardness and deeper nitride case.

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Uddeholm Formvar® Data Sheet (Rev. 3, 01.2016)

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