Uddeholm Machining Guideline

Uddeholm Machining Guideline

The Uddeholm Machining Guideline contains information and recommendations on how to machine Uddeholm tool steel. Choose a steel and the type of tool you are using and the app will recommend the settings you should use for best results. You can save your calculations together with images, allowing you to re-use them or send them directly to Uddeholm or your colleague



When you open the app for the first time you need to accept the terms of use and enter a PIN code which you can get here

First choose a Uddeholm steel. Then select a processing tool by clicking through the category levels.

Now you can enter different properties (e.g. diameter) for the tool that you selected. When you have entered the properties, you will see recommended values which you can use (e.g. spindle speed). You can also enter custom values for some of the recommended values.

You can save the calculation by clicking on the grid icon at the top right corner. You can also take photos, see general recommendations or send the result to Uddeholm for support or your colleague.

If you go back to the start page with the back button, you can show your saved calculations. When you click on a saved calculation you will enter the calculation view with your saved values pre-filled. You can now enter new values and overwrite your previously saved calculation, or save it as a completely new calculation.

Download the Uddeholm Machining Guidelines app for free or use the web version!

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