Stainless Steel

Bohler-Uddeholm stocks a full range of stainless steel in our Western USA facilities. Here is a listing of our materials:

303 FM
Enhanced machining 303 that has added elements for better chip breaking at higher speeds. It is stocked in 12’ lengths in rounds and hex.

Low carbon version of 304 for easier welding. The default grade of commercial stainless, available in rounds and flats in 12’ lengths. Can be welded, machined, and formed. Some think of it as the stainless version of CD 1018 steel. Contains chrome and nickel.

Has molybdenum added for higher resistance to corrosion. Also in 12’ lengths in rounds and flats. Typically used in pulp mills.

416 ANN
Free machining, heat treatable stainless with chrome, but no nickel. Stocked in 12’ rounds; hex available. Should be heat treated.

416 Pump
Designed for pump shaft use. Rounds only with undersize bearing fit diameter tolerance. Prehardened in 20-24’ random lengths.