Uddeholms AB


The development of Uddeholms AB as a global leader in the Tool Steel Industry began over 300 years ago when, in 1668, the first iron was produced in the Swedish County of Värmland. Although the production base of Uddeholm is Tool Steel, our business idea is to market tooling materials together with a portfolio of associated services including machining, heat treatment and other value-added services for our customers. This has allowed us to be one step ahead of the competition.

From the initial concept, through the development stage and on to the launching of new products, we want to be your partner! Uddeholm is well known for its manufacturing of superior quality Tool Steels. However, we are also proud of our skills in developing solutions for customers’ problems.

Selecting a Tool Steel supplier is a key decision for all parties, especially for toolmakers and tool users.
When it comes to Tool Steel, better quality, longer tool life and superior support, together translate into a better use of resources. In the Tooling Industry you can trust Uddeholm.