Böhler Edelstahl GmbH


The Böhler success story had its beginnings in a metals trading house in Vienna in the 1870’s. The Böhler brothers, Albert and Friederik, were Viennese traders selling steel produced in Kapfenberg, Austria. Their sales, organizational and logistical skills were such that in 1894 they were able to buy the Kapfenberg steel works. They modernized the plant, expanded the product range and increased production.
The name “Böhler” quickly became synonymous with “The Best in Special Steels”. Innovatively, through a Sales and Customer Service Network unrivaled at that time the Böhler tradition of being “close” to the customer was founded. Service is now embedded in our culture. Since then, our continued success has been based on the interaction of many forces. Technological advances, the ideas, know-how, experience and dedication of our employees, in addition to numerous joint projects with our customers, have combined to result in the mutual respect and loyalty that we all now enjoy and benefit from. Only by exceeding our customers’ expectations will we be able to exceed our own.