Heat Treatment Alliance

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Bohler-Uddeholm is committed to improving our relationships with all of our customers by becoming an integral part of their production cycle. Our investments in our products, facilities and our own heat treatment plant, Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech, have in the past proved this commitment and helped to bring added value to our customers. In an effort to continue to add value in our dealings with our customers, we have now created an alliance of world-class heat treaters to support us in our commitment to supplying the World’s highest quality tool steels. This alliance will allow us to supply the highest quality steel and assure our customers that the best heat treatment practices are being utilized to enhance the characteristics of our products.

Through this partnership we will deliver:        

  • Enhanced customer service       
  • Joint technical support       
  • Joint problem solving
  • unmatched commitment to quality

To see profiles of the partners that Bohler-Uddeholm trusts to be part of our alliance, choose any one of the links below. Feel free to contact them directly with your heat treatment needs.

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