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Hot stamping has rapidly become a complement to cold forming in the automotive industry. By using a heated blank that forms and hardens quickly in the die, parts can be made larger, stronger and more complex than ever before. This means fewer structural parts per vehicle,with as much as 30–35 % weight reduction of individual parts. And it can eliminate some of the issues that exist during the cold blanking and forming of advanced high strength work materials that can lead to springback and cracking.  But because this is a hot process, high demands placed on the tool steel during hot stamping brings an increased risk of premature tool failures, leading to production stops and delays. 

We have developed new grades and coatings that are appropriate for the varied production issues on the inserts in hot stamping.  Grades such as a Premium H13 like Uddeholm Orvar Superior;   higher strength tool steels like Uddeholm Dievar, and Bohler W360 Isobloc,  Uddeholm Caldie, and Bohler K340 Isodur.  Theses alloys have better heat transfer characteristics than conventionally hot work tool steels, which is an important aspect for cycle time reduction during hot stamping.  And with better resistance to thermal softening and higher hardness capabilities, these grades will resist thermal softening and abrasive wear.  These alloys are easily nitrided, PVD coated, and ferritic nitrocarburized for added protection. 

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Uddeholm - Tool Steels for Hot Stamping

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Bohler - Tool Steels for Hot Stamping

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