Hot Work - Forging

Hot Forging
Hot forging dies are exposed to severe mechanical and thermal cyclic loading. This causes hot wear, cracks and plastic deformation in the die. To prevent this, use materials with good hot strength and ductility/toughness. Uddeholm Orvar Superior or Bohler W303 Isodisc are suitable in most standard hot forging applications. When higher toughness is demanded, use Uddeholm Dievar. For best hot wear resistance, Bohler W360 Isobloc is recommended. In brass/copper forging, Bohler W403 VMR is a good choice.

Progressive Forging
Very high stresses and thermal shocks in production lead to wear and thermal fatigue. For best result use materials with very good hot strength and thermal shock resistance like Bohler W403 VMR or Bohler W360 Isobloc. When high toughness is needed, use Uddeholm Dievar.

Semi Hot Forging/Warm Forging
In semi hot/warm forging the tool parts are subjected to very high mechanical loads and intensive cooling. This leads to high degrees of wear and thermal fatigue. To avoid this use materials with good hot strength like Bohler W303 Isodisc, Bohler W360 Isobloc, or Bohler W403 VMR. When extremely good ductility is required, use Uddeholm Dievar.

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Bohler-Uddeholm Forging Applications (Rev. 02.21,2017)

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