Hot Work - Extrusion

Extrusion of Aluminum
The most common failure mechanisms when working with extrusion of aluminum are wear, plastic deformation and cracking due to a combination of high temperatures and mechanical loads. Use materials with high temperature strengths like Bohler-Uddeholm H13, or with good creep strengths like Bohler W403 VMR. For larger dies where high temperature strength and good toughness are needed, use Uddeholm Dievar or Bohler W400 VMR.

Extrusion of Copper Alloys
The high temperatures and mechanical loads used for copper alloys cause a variety of failure modes like wear, plastic deformation, cracking or indentation. This requires tooling materials with very good combination of hot temperature strength and creep strength like Bohler W403 VMR.

Extrusion of Steel
The high process temperatures and pressure can cause failures such as wear, plastic deformation, cracking or indentation. Good hot strength and creep strength are the most important properties of the tooling material. We recommend Bohler W403 VMR.