Cold Work Tool Steel

Third Generation Powder Metallurgy Tool Steel

Cold work steel is exposed to high stresses and requires great resistance against wear, impact and bending. The development of new steel grades is mainly guided by analyzing damage suffered by tools in various processes. In each area of use, properties are sought which will extend the working life of the tool. Different types of wear demand different types of steel. Product development is moving towards producing more robust steels with higher resistance to wear and greater durability, such as our VANADIS® and MICROCLEAN® powder steel grades.

We can help the tool user to choose the right steel and heat treatment for the application. This usually results in lower tooling costs, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

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HINTS ON...Identifying The Type Of Wear

The following work material properties must be considered to establish the dominating wear pattern (abrasive, adhesive or mixed) to be expected:

  • Type of work material
  • Hardness of work material
  • Presence of hard particles in the work material
  • Thickness of work material
  • Type of coatings, if any or the work material, e.g. zinc (galvanizing)

This is the most fundamental step because it determines which wear resistance profile the tool steel should have.

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