Extrusion Components


BÖHLER is a specialist in the production of fully finished extrusion containers. Our equipment enables us to melt, forge and machine containers up to 80 inches in diameter (25 tons).

We have extensive background in all rectangular bore containers. We offer a variety of hot work steels depending on the application (aluminum, copper and brass).


We supply custom forged and machined liners made of BÖHLER specialty tool steels.

These liners can be made of Böhler W302 (Premium H13), Böhler W303 (H13 Modified), Böhler W300 (H11), A286 (T200), Alloy 901 (L311) and many other high alloyed materials for severe applications.


Custom forged and machined press stems are made from a variety of high alloyed materials including premium tool steels, such as Böhler W300 (H11), Böhler W302 (H13), Böhler W303 (H13 Modified) and Maraging steels (W720).

Our specialty lies in the heavily stressed STEMS starting with Electro Slag Remelted (ESR) or Vacuum Arc Remelted (VAR) ingots. These stems would apply to all direct and indirect presses for the aluminum and red metals presses. (photo)

Presentation on Hot Work Steels for Containers and Stems for the Extrusion of Aluminum:

Extrusion Tooling Presenation