Cold Work - Blanking

Blanking of Austenitic Stainless Steel
The most common problem with tooling materials when working with austenitic stainless steel is adhesive wear, chipping and galling. Production lot size and steel thickness are important factors when choosing tool steel grades.

Blanking of High Strength Steel (AHSS, HSLA, Dual Phase, TRIP and Martenstic)
The hardness and tensile strength of high strength steels require tooling materials with high wear resistance and chipping / cracking resistance. These requirements are even more important with the ultra high strength steel (martensitic) grades used today. With ultra high strength steel there is a need for tooling materials that are outstanding in every category.

Blanking of Mild Carbon Steel
All types of failures are possible when blanking soft carbon steels. Some influencing factors are production lot sizes, steel thickness and complexity of the part being produced. Most types of steel can be used for blanking mild carbon steels. The ruling factor of tool steel selection is total production costs.