Bohler-Uddeholm South Boston

BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM acquired the high-speed steel business of the US based Allegheny Teledyne Group in 1998, and became the world's second largest manufacturer in this segment. This acquisition included the purchase of the 25-year-old, South Boston, Virginia, Teledyne-Allvac plant, formerly know as the CK Company. The facility located in South Boston, Virginia, is BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM's first North American production site for High Speed Steels and Powdered Metal High Speed Steel products. Recently modernized, this production facility, along with our sales office in Elgin, IL has allowed us to achieve impressive growth in North America. Poised for the future, we will continue to provide top quality Bohler-Uddeholm metals and superior customer service to the North American market.

Product forms include (but are not limited to):

  • cold drawn and centerless ground bars
  • hot rolled coil
  • drawn wire
  • edgewire
  • flat bars
  • profiles
  • plate products

Our Capabilities

We have recently completed a modernization and expansion of our US production facility to insure our position as a world class and cost effective producer of Specialty Steels. Our capabilities include:

  • Shot blasting
  • Shaving
  • Drawing
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Pickling
  • Centerless grinding
  • Straightening
  • Bar-end champhering
  • Turks head profiling/rolling

The primary focus of the South Boston facility is:

  • Drawn rod & centerless ground rod from .125" up to .734" dia.
  • Coil from .080" up to .531" dia.
  • Edgewire
  • Flats, up to .900" wide
    (Typical restriction is 8:1 thickness to width ratio.)

Many grades can be supplied in any of the following forms:

  • Peeled bar: up to 30" in diameter
  • Round, square: 0.49 - 5.9" (12.5-150mm)
  • Flat

        Width                                             Thickness

    1" - 2.4"(25-60mm)                 0.2" - 1.6" (5-41mm)

    2.4"-7.9"(60-200mm)             0.2" - 3.1" (5-80mm)

    3.9"-11.8"(100-300mm)         0.6" - 3.1" (15-80mm)

Forged bar:

  • Round square: 3.5" - 23.6" (90-600mm)
  • Flat

        Width                                             Thickness

    3.9" (100mm)                                 2" (50mm) (min)

    63" (1600mm)                            39" (1000mm) (max´)
    Maximum width to thickness ratio 1:10


  • Rolled forged:
  • Square (2.36" - 5.9" (60-150mm))
  • round, square, octagon (3.9" - 23.6" (100-600mm))

 Hot Rolled Wire:

  • Round: 0.197" - 0.53" (5.0-13.5mm) - larger hot rolled coil sizes available upon request.
  • Plate
  • drawn wire

Available surface finish:

  • drawn
  • black – sandblasted
  • pickled
  • machined, turned or peeled
  • centerless ground

The above dimensions may not be available with all materials or in connection with certain material properties. Please inquire in case of demand.