Defining Mold Steel Toughness
James Kaszynksi, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
Mold steel toughness is a material property that is frequently mentioned by mold designers and tool makers, but it is not always clearly defined. In this article, published in Mold Making Technology (May 2017), James Kaszynski, Technical Manager at Bohler-Uddeholm defines the term toughness and explains how the use of ESR-quality mold steels will help improve critical properties such as crack resistance and polishability.


Pressure Points, Modern Metals 
Patricia Miller, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
Patricia Miller, senior technical manager at Bohler-Uddeholm Corp., discusses how to evaluate tooling issues that arise when forming AHSS.


PVD Coatings and Tool Steel Selection, Moldmaking Technology
Mark falkingham, eifeler Coatings Technology & Jereme Bohlhing, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
Mold users are driving an increased use of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings, and this has generated questions and concerns from mold builders as they select materials from which to manufacture their molds.

Improving the performance of transfer dies - Selecting the optimum tool steel, coating synergy, Stamping Journal
James Kaszynski, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
The use of high-strength work materials has dramatically increased the performance requirements on the stamping and forming tools. The selection of the proper tool steel grade at each transfer die station plays a large role in optimizing productivity. The tooling’s performance may be enhanced further with the addition of a coating.


Put a check on heat checking, Die Casting Engineer
Joseph Price, Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
Heat checking is a common die casting problem, reducing the longevity and performance of the dies. Modifications to alloy compositions and advanced manufacturing methods produce cleaner, more homogenous steels which increases the heat checking resistance.